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METEX NØØVISTA is introducing a  new production mode in France, one that is more respectful of the environment and that meets  consumers' expectations in terms of naturalness and societal impact.

METEX NØØVISTA is using industrial biotechnology to  materialize its contribution to the ecological transition of industry and to revive economy in the of France's territories.

a producer of natural, high-performance ingredients

We use renewable raw materials and a fermentation process to produce 1,3 propanediol (PDO) and Butyric Acid (BA)  for the cosmetics, nutrition, fragrances and flavors, and biopolymers markets  as well as for the formulation of specialty technical fluids. These ingredients provide manufacturers with the natural and effective alternative solutions, they are looking for, to satisfy the expectations of demanding consumers. Our ingredients are 100% bio-based alternatives, produced in France with responsible and reliable processes that ensure traceability, excellent quality, and transparency. 

aa contributor to the energy transition

and economic revitalization

The arrival of METEX NØØVISTA at the Chemesis Carling-St-Avold industrial platform ushers in a new era – the bioeconomy era – at this site with a long history. After witnessing the rise of the charcoal and steel industries and the decline of the petrochemical industry, this platform will be the home of METEX NØØVISTA, a company that will take over the role of producing intermediate ingredients for the manufacture of our consumer goods. The METEX NØØVISTA plant will embody the energy transition in this region offering agro-industrial resources, industrial know-how,  men and women willing to contribute to the construction of a new and more sustainable industry.


a unifying project

The industrialization of a biotechnological processs, the marketing and sales of the ingredients PDO and BA made by METEX NØØVISTA, and the vision of a sustainable industrial future come together in a project that has obtained a joint commitment from local stakeholders, both public and private, as well as industrial partners who share our values and our vision. Created in 2018, METEX NØØVISTA will not only help to revitalize industry in the region, but also provide opportunities at the Chemesis platform by creating some fifty local jobs.



METEX NØØVISTA is owned by METabolic EXplorer . It produces and sells two bio-based functional ingredients: 1,3 Propanediol (PDO) and butyric acid (BA). The former is used in the cosmetics and biopolymers markets and the latter in the animal nutrition and health and the flavors and fragrances markets.

A pioneer in biotechnology, METabolic EXplorer has been developing fermentation processes as alternatives to petrochemistry for 20 years. Its newly created subsidiary METEX NØØVISTA will be the first to implement, on an industrial scale, its technology for producing BA and PDO. By giving financial support to this innovative French company, the Bpifrance investment fund SPI, is helping to transform our means of production and to revitalize industry in our regions.

“The arrival of the METEX project is definitely going to attract the attention of the French chemical ecosystem, which is on the lookout for ways to enable its industry to address the challenges of the ecological transition. We can all work toward the goal ok making making Carling St-Avold a centre of excellence in biochemistry.””


ISABELLE PATRIER, Regional Development Director, Total

“The METEX project reflects the Grand-Est region's commitment to industrial revitalization and job creation supported by a more local, more sustainable, and more circular economy – that is, the bioeconomy. More than ever, the Grand-Est is a business-friendly region and great place for investing, creating, and starting new business.”


Région Grand-Est


“Bpifrance's investment is alongside us to create METEX NØØVISTA, which will implement the technology and market the PDO and BA, attests to the competitiveness of our bioprocesses, which will have a role to play in the necessary ecological transition thanks to their ability to deliver the outstanding performance, quality, and 'naturalness' sought by manufacturers in the cosmetics, animal and human nutrition, and other markets.” 

Chairman and CEO of METEX

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